Put in a good word for the poor surgeon

It is no secret that the approach of the Pension Fund of Russia is to assign pensions as late and as little as possible.

So, one of our clients, having worked the due time as a medical worker in specialized institutions, applied to the Pension Fund of Russia for an early retirement pension.  However, the Pension Fund considered that the employee had not accumulated sufficient labor experience and gave up the client.

Our lawyers analyzed numerous Soviet regulations on the procedure for recording the special labor experience of medical workers, collected all the necessary evidence and court practice in the Moscow region. As a result, a legal opinion was developed which allowed to obtain a court decision on early retirement pension from the date of initial application to the Pension Fund in just 2 court sessions.

As a result of the court proceedings, the client receives not only all payments due to him from the state, but also reimbursement of the cost of our services.